E Bike

Our selection of e-bike parts and components to upgrade or convert your bike or trike to an electrically assisted pedelec.

100% road legal in Ireland, using our kits, your bike or trike will remain legally a bicycle.


Bike or Motorbike?

Many pedelec bikes actually fall in to the “Motor Propelled Vehicle” category.  They are therefore required to be taxed, insured and driven by a licensed driver.

  • Is your motor more than 250 watts?
  • Does your bike have a throttle?
  • Does electric assist continue above 25 kph?

Yes to one or more of these questions means you’re riding a motorbike, not a bicycle.

Battery Safety

Our European batteries are built to EU standards to ensure safety and quality.

Battery management systems (BMS) protect against thermal runaway and other risks associated with the high charge densities in e-bike batteries.

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