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HP Velotechnik Adult Trike – Delta TX


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HP Velotechnik’s Delta TX adult trike is their brand new electric assist delta style tricycle.  Designed as a new mode of transport – it’s easily disassembled into 3 pieces for carriage and storage.

Purpose designed as a pedelec, the battery and motor are seamlessly integrated into this exceptional vehicle.

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The Adult Trike e-chopper from HP Velotechnik!

The Dignified Way to Be Mobile on Three Wheels

The comfortable Delta tx makes safe cycling easier than ever before!  It starts as soon as you get on:  The high seating position and low-slung frame of the Delta tx make it easy to get on and off, while the variable seat systems allow you to find your perfect position in no time.  You’ll enjoy an excellent view of traffic, a secure position when stopping at traffic lights, and a panoramic view on a country ride.

Controls on the ergonomic handlebars

Are always easy to reach, making steering, shifting gears, and braking a breeze. The best part:  You’ll receive motor support for every driving condition!  All Delta tx trikes come equipped with an electric motor up to 25 km/h, including a walk assist feature up to 6 km/h.

Four motor systems

Each with different power profiles are available, and you can choose a fully automatic gearshift for each of the motors.  Just pedal at your own pace, and your Delta tx trike will select the right gear for you!

Stable riding characteristics

 Due to the comfortably suspended frame.  The suspension system underneath the seat can be individually adjusted to your weight and a total payload of up to 145 kg (320 lbs).  The chunky Super Moto-X tires are developed by Schwalbe especially for e-bikes to roll extremely smoothly.  With their 62 mm (2.4″) width;  the tires offer plenty of grip, even on poor roads.

A superior riding experience

With high tipping stability:  The seat is positioned between the rear wheels to optimize the centre of gravity.  The low position of the motor and battery, deep set generously dimensioned luggage basket, ensure a safe and stable ride.

Top class

The Delta tx is lightweight in every design aspect.  With a sturdy aluminium frame, the lightest version weighs in at just 35 kilograms (78 lbs) including motor and battery!  Your lightweight Delta tx excels in the premium league of motorised tricycles!

Transporting your trike is easy

The Delta tx is separable for transportation, allowing you to disassemble it into three space-saving parts in three minutes.  You can easily lift them into your car and still have enough space for your luggage.  For maximum mobility, you only need a minimum of tools – a 5 mm Allen key!

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LCF Technics is an authorised distributor for HP Velotechnik

In addition to sales, advice and product support, we can supply a full range of accessories, upgrades and replacement parts directly from the manufacturer.

When you purchase your HP Velotechnik trike from LCF Technics, it is the start of a partnership that will last for many years to come.

Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 159-205 cm


HP Velotechnik

HP Velotechnik sets the standard for tadpole trikes. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride – recumbent trikes are the perfect form of transportation for active people. HP Velotechnik has been in operation since 1993, working on creating the best range of recumbent tricycles, bikes, and accessories you can buy. Discover all about modern cycling concepts and our recumbent bicycle designs. The company was founded in 1993 by Paul Hollants and Daniel Pulvermüller.  They manufacture approx. 2,000 recumbents per year in the factory in Kriftel near Frankfurt.  With 50 employees (including six trainees) and is thus market leader in Europe. The bikes are individually built by hand according to the customers specifications and are sold in specialist shops. All signs point to future growth: HP Velotechnik exports ever more bikes and trikes worldwide. The successful business strategy was honored in 2017 with the “Hessian Export Prize”.  They were presented with the “AGS Award for Innovation 2019” for the “innovative mobility” of their products.
HP Velotechnik


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