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Wirelessly controlled modular braking system.


Multiple configuration options:
  • Remote brake control
  • Light touch brake lever
  • Dual caliper control
  • Epilepsy / blackout risk – reverse operation configuration
USB rechargeable battery and button style replaceable battery.

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Smart Epilepsy Brake

When braking is a problem, SMART BRAKE is the answer.

The SmartBrake is an outstanding innovation.  Using the latest technology, the smart braking system removes the burden of mechanical linkages and opens up a whole new range of possibilities.

Wirelessly controlled electronic brakes enable activation of the brake with the lightest touch. 

Low hand strength or disabilities are much less of a difficulty.


Remote Operation


The Smart Brake can even be activated on behalf of others – from a distance of up to 30 meters.

By using a companion remote brake control.  

This is available on a lanyard for a parent or fitted to a ‘follower’ trike / bike.

When the trike moves outside the range of the companion remote brake control; the Smart Brake will automatically apply the brakes.

Reverse Operation

In addition, the braking function can be reversed in the controller firmware (software).  So releasing the brake lever applies the brakes – holding it releases the brakes.  Unique Smart Epilepsy Brake configuration:

This is a game changer for riders at risk of blackouts or siezure.  When coupled with a trike that has additional safety features, such as a seat harness and pedal straps, it opens up the possibility of cycling for those who were previously precluded from the activity.

Modular Expandable Design

The modular Smart Brake system can be configured to control a single or multiple brake calipers.

Multiple brake levers or remotely activated controllers are also possible on a single system.  

SmartBrake Documentation

With Smart Brake we make braking easy, for everyone!

Check out our YouTube video on the SmartBrake here:

LCF Technics is an authorised distributor for SmartBrake

In addition to sales, advice and product integration, we can supply a full range of accessories, upgrades and replacement parts directly from the manufacturer.

When you purchase your Smart Epilepsy Brake from LCF Technics, it is the start of a partnership that will last for many years to come.


1 x 1 = 1 brake lever/remote controlling 1 brake caliper
2 x 1 = 2 brake lever/remote controlling 1 brake caliper
1 x 2 = 1 brake lever/remote controlling 2 brake calipers…



SMARTBRAKE Technology was invented in Norway.  It was designed to meet the roughest and steepest conditions. Originally, the wireless brakes were developed for sports equipment such as rollerskis and skates. However, we quickly discovered that a soft pull brake and the easily accessible SmartBrake controller provides significant value for users with reduced hand-force or body mobility. When we reverse the brake lever function in software; (release lever to apply the brake, hold the lever to release the brake). It provides a safety feature for persons at risk from blackouts or seizures. Braking made easy: Our mission is to enable more activity for everyone. The modular SMARTBRAKE product series is designed to meet multiple user needs.  From trikes to handbikes, wheelchairs, and more. Our technology has received several awards for innovative design.  They are developed together with research partners from leading universities and healthcare institutions.
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